Hello, I'm Kathy Houlihan.


I've always had a passion for helping others find the silver lining, no matter how difficult the challenges are in life.  I created the Horizontal Industry Framework (HIF) to provide a holistic approach that creates connections and celebrates our differences so we can better understand the human experience and become the best version of ourselves. 


My Story


I worked as a college professor and an mindset coach for over 20 years. Thorough my work, I realized too many people are unhappy because they unsure of what they want to do with their lives. Complicating this reality, there are so many opportunities to discover our passions and follow our dreams, but it is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. With over 1.7 Billion websites, information is everywhere. That's why I developed the Horizontal Industry Framework; to organize events and experiences in a way that helps my students discover new opportunities that align with their interests and aspirational goals. 

I developed the HIF after I participated in the Shaping the Workforce project at Stanford University and Bloomberg’s Tomorrow’s Talent project.  My business, Dream2Career, LLC, completed the YC Startup School Incubator program.

 It's my personal quest to ensure that all of my students gain the tools needed so they can succeed in learning and in life. 


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